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-Texts from Heaven 

Love is Greater than Grief

Losing someone you love dearly is absolutely devastating and can leave you feeling like you will never be whole again. I've been there and know now that there can be peace on the other side of tremendous loss if you have the courage to seek it. You absolutely can get to a point of healing where you clearly remember the Love felt without the heavy burden of immense grief. 

You Deserve to Feel Better

Making the decision that you want more out of life than what you feel now is where the journey to healing begins.

Together I know we can build your road map to begin healing and shifting your life to one that feels better.   

Life is far too short to just exist! What are you letting slip past while you simply go through the motions each day? What individuals gifts are you withholding from the world around you because of your burdens? Isn’t it time to allow yourself some peace?
What You Can Expect

  • A listening ear who truly understands

  • Support, Guidance and Encouragement as you move forward at your own pace

  • Proven processes to alleviate stress

  • Meditations for comfort and healing

  • Clarity about your future

  • Relief

  • Deeper soul connection

  • Peace

I've released this book about this chapter of my life. 

 It can be found on worldwide on 

To take a peek 

Hope you take a moment to check it out!