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30 minute Reading / clarity session with experienced psychic medium,coach & healer


30 minute reading / clarity session/reading with experienced psychic medium,coach & healer. Use this session to get answers, gain closure or expand your ability to clearly hear the messages being sent to you every day and grow spiritually. Experienced psychic medium, certified healer and coach will relay messages as well as guide you on how to tap into your own intuition and expand on the messages and/or guidance intended for you. Sessions done via video chat. Use follow up sessions to build on your ability or receive confirmation of messages received. I'm so excited to work with you !


A little about me

I am a psychic medium (serve as a conduit to relay messages from the other side) and an empath (tune in physically to an emotional experience of a person, place or animal). I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant meaning that I hear, see and feel energies in both realms as I connect on your behalf. God blessed me with these gifts as a child and I take the responsibility of it seriously. I have done readings professionally over the past  10 years in various settings. The ability to help you see all aspects of a particular situation clearly provides the needed insight to help you choose the most beneficial path for your ongoing well-being. I am also a certified S.T.T. Healer and a certified life coach academy trained in a variety of modalities including Law of Attraction and NLP.


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