Design Your Beautiful Life Coaching 

-Texts from Heaven 

 My daily focus is on finding new ways to share kindness, peace, healing, gratitude and love with others.

My life thus far has been one filled with joy, tragedy, lessons and immense spiritual growth. So many things that I wish I had known previously, things that would have spared me years of unnecessary suffering. My passion now is sharing my years of experience with others along with proven processes , techniques, and meditation to help others easily transition to a life they love!

Professional Experience

I am a certified life coach, reiki master and spontaneous transformation practitioner. I am the author of "Normal Life has twists & turns but mine became a tornado" and the upcoming book "Love is Greater Grief".  I have been guiding individuals for many years via my self employment as well as the other career paths I've chosen. I love to witness the growth and healing my clients experience during and after our sessions.

  I bring to the table years of both corporate and government leadership experience having navigated my way to upper management positions in both venues. While in the corporate sector I  successfully managed hundreds of client accounts and over 70 million annually, a role I grew into within a year of being hired as a temporary worker for 20 hours per week.  In state government I designed, implemented and trained  staff on many new technology projects that streamlined state processes which positively impacted 16 regional offices, over 500 staff and 200 thousand plus clients. I wrote and was awarded funding from Federal grants to continue projects further solidifying my role within the department. As well I coordinated and trained 500+ staff on a statewide business process redesign which gave them the tools they needed to be successful within their individual roles. I've coordinated multiple work groups in both corporate and government venues that ensured all stakeholders were involved in the processes that impacted their daily work activities. Years of experience hiring staff, mentoring employees and coaching for success. 

Through the years I have also been a practicing psychic medium. Reading for individuals across the U.S. and internationally.  As a Medium I served as a conduit to relay messages from the other side. As an Empath I can tune in physically to an emotional experience of a person, place or animal. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant  meaning that I hear, see and feel energy in both realms as I connect. God blessed me with these gifts as a child and I have spent many years learning to harness them for the highest good of myself and others. The ability to see all aspects of a particular situation clearly gives me the needed insight to guide you choosing the most beneficial path for your ongoing well-being. 

Personal Experience

I am a married, previously widowed, mother of six amazing children ages 7-25. I grew up in a large family and am the last of nine children. I attended the University of Maine.  Aside from my certifications in life coaching, Reiki and S.T.T., I have spent years absorbing hundreds of books regarding connection, healing, coaching, growth and self improvement.  A couple of my favorite authors are Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins. I have not only incorporated all of this knowledge into my own life to create balance and happiness but have also become quite versed at sharing it with my clients, allowing them to achieve their goals joyously with grace and ease. 

Here's an intimate peek at my personal story: 
 I was married to my best friend at 17yrs old, he was my world and I his. We built our lives around each other and our growing family as the years passed. We supported each other through the loss of many family members including both of my parents. At 29 yrs old I found myself widowed with our four children ages 11, 8, 6 and 5 months. Each day was struggle as I tried to figure out who I was without him and how I'd build a life for our children on my own. I had only enough money to pay for the funeral and still had the debt requiring two incomes. I had at that time lost everyone that had shaped who I was and needed to start from scratch to find "me" or the new version of it if I wanted to provide a fulfilling life for myself and my children.  I anchored myself with my faith and love of God. I worked very hard at rebuilding our lives and processing the grief my family held.  My daily prayers for strength served me well as God granted me just enough each day to keep going and provide for the beautiful little faces that looked to me for proof that we'd be okay. By all accounts we've done very well as a family. Through the years welcoming someone wonderful who chose to marry all of us and then being blessed with two more babies.  We've definitely kept a full house of family and friends! 
Through my experiences I have learned so much about not only myself, but others. I've gained so much insight into the world around me which has given me a wonderful new perspective on this beautiful gift of life.