Design Your Beautiful Life Coaching 

-Texts from Heaven 

Tired of waiting to feel better? 

Imagine if you could..

Remove barriers that are holding you prisoner

Eliminate insecurities

Find relief from pain & stress

Tap into your inner guidance system

Know your life's purpose

Drop all your baggage & start fresh

develop positive habits

Find Peace

Become Empowered

How would it feel?  

Now close your eyes for a moment and let that feeling sink in.

Amazing Right?

When you're ready, let's get started and make it your reality!

If you are ready to make a change together we can get you to where you want to be! 

Widowed at 29 yrs old, with four small children. 

fought my way back from the depths of despair to get to where I am today.

 Peaceful, happy and truly enjoying the blessing of this beautiful life. 

I'm passionate about helping other widows bypass many of the pitfalls,

self sabotage and solitude that many suffer during that transition. 

Helping others secure a life of peace & happiness 

with grace and ease as they embark on their next Chapter.

I've recently released my first book on this topic"Normal Life has twists & turns but mine became a tornado"

 It can be found on Amazon using this address  http://a.co/bQmPpoj or simply searching Jeanne Garza.

Hope you get a moment to check it out!

I will never tell you to get over it, I will help you through it!

I am also a successful business woman turned spiritual entrepreneur. 

I spent many years climbing the organizational ladder only to find I was no more

happy or fulfilled near the top. It was then I finally set aside the "shoulds" 

and allowed my heart (intuition) to lead the way.  

What a wonderful & amazing journey it has been since!

Love helping others strengthen their

 soul connection and make a life that 

truly fuels their light within! 

"A beautiful life is not found in the goals that you pursue but rather in finding joy during the pursuit."

Do you want someone to truly listen, hear and understand, completely free of judgement?

      Would you like someone to bounce ideas off of?

       Want more of what lights you up inside?

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When you sign on with Design Your Beautiful Life 

coaching together we will determine your 

starting point, identify your barriers and plot the best course 

to reaching your goals. So that you become confident, empowered, 

heal, find clarity and attain 

success in every aspect of your life!

What are you waiting for?  

You deserve to feel better now!

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I am a certified Life Coach, academy trained in LOA and NLP coaching,

 Certified S.T.T. Practitioner, Reiki Master and Psychic Medium with many years of experience guiding others on their journeys.

Get a clear view of all past, present and future obstacles so that we can map out the quickest route to your success. Use proven techniques and meditation to alleviate stress, refocus your energy and get you aligned!

Let's get you feeling good now as you create your ideal future.